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What is MERN stack ?

If application is built using following technology, then It’s called MERN Stack

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Mongo DB

A document based NoSql database

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Express JS

Web framework for Node Js

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React JS

Frontend library for UI development

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Node JS

Javascript runtime for backend

What topics will cover?

We will be building a fullstack application

Micro service architecture

Micro service architecture

We will build a distributed system using multiple backend services

Writing automated test

Writing automated test

We will follow TDD principle to write the tests for our application

REST Api design

REST Api design

We will make our application as API first design

Token based authentication

Token based authentication

We will implement JWT tokens for authentication and authorization

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

We will create an admin dashboard for managing the product and orders

Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration

We will integrate payment gateway for payments

Real-time communication

Real-time communication

We will implement Websockets to get real-time status for orders

Database design

Database design

We will design our database using drawings

Multi-tenancy system

Multi-tenancy system

We will implement multi outlet system for our application

Caching system

Caching system

We will implement the caching system to optimize the speed of our application

Development in Docker

Development in Docker

We will use docker containers to develop our application

Roles and permissions

Roles and permissions

We will implement role and permission system for the users

What benefits you will get?

After completion of this course, you will be ready for any kind of full-stack development


Make a positive impact on your career

We will using industry standards and good practices while developing our application. This will definetely help you to stand out from other candidates


New perspective to problem-solving

While developing our application, we will face hundreds of issues. I will show you, how to think to handle those issues


Become fullstack developer

We will use both frontend and backend technologies to build our application. Using this knowledge, you can call yourself a proud fullstack developer


Bring your ideas to life

After learning fullstack development, you will ready to build any kind of application. If you have any idea about application, you can bring it to life

Course provides:


Full understanding from scratch


Reference material in PDF format


For doubts, a live chat group is available


Certificate of Completion

Sounds cool! Who am I?

Senior software developer

Rakesh K Mern space instructor

I am Rakesh Kohali and I am:

Rakesh Kohali Mern space instructor Software developer experience over 8 year
Rakesh Kohali Mern space instructor Educated over 50K Students
Rakesh Kohali Mern space instructor Worked for freelance, IT companies and startups
Rakesh Kohali Mern space instructor More than 5 years in eduction field
Rakesh Kohali Mern space instructor Created a Youtube channel having ~50K students
Rakesh K twitter Rakesh K linkedin Rakesh K youtube Rakesh K github

What people are talking about me?

I have mentored 50K+ students since last 2 years

Coder's Gyan Youtube comments
Coder's Gyan Youtube comments
Coder's Gyan Youtube comments
Coder's Gyan Youtube comments
Coder's Gyan Youtube comments
Coder's Gyan Youtube comments

Still not convinced?

I am always happy to talk

Micro service architecture

Reach me at

If you have questions, feel free to write me at [email protected]

Micro service architecture

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